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The Salt Room
Orlando’s most advanced salt therapy respiratory treatment center. Now for the first time you can control the symptoms, inflammation and discomfort of a variety of respiratory ailments in a sophisticated spa-like environment.
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Salt Escape
Salt Escape is a salt therapy wellness centre providing drug-free therapy for respiratory & skin ailments using salts natural anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties.
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Novae Impex
Novae Impex are a manufacturer of Himalayan Rock Salt Products
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Salt Spot
Salt Therapy
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Salt Mine Arium
Our holistic treatment is to help people who are suffering from different respiratory illnesses and other ailments. “ Salt Therapy” can be very beneficial in the following ways: Relieve symptoms of asthma, bronchitis, sinisitis, cold or cough, hay- fever, pneumonia, COPD; Diminish eczema and other skin irritations; Reduce symptoms of ADHD, ADD, autism, sleep disorder and SADS; Boosts the immune system and vital energy; and Offers deep relaxation from the stressful everyday life.
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Pyramid Salt Cave
The one-of-a-kind salt cave is Pyramid's most unique feature and is the only public salt cave in North America to use Himalayan salt.
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About Well-being
Salt Spot are a provider of unique natural products which are beneficial to your health, adding harmony and ambience for your well-being.
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